A universal communications cloud and collaboration solution to empower teams.
A rich heritage continues into the digital age.
From a group of small exchanges founded in the late 1800s to an industry leader in advanced telecommunications solutions, the roots of GigTel’s parent company (Endeavor Communications) reach back over a century in delivering high-quality communications and superior customer service. Having invested over $110 million in infrastructure upgrades and fiber optic technology for highly innovative solutions, this commitment continues into the future.

Now, GigTel fully leverages this deep experience base to bring the world’s most advanced communications platform to the market while maintaining the same relentless desire to serve our customers well.
Durable Fundamentals. Future Focused.
The GigTel brand is an advanced technology solutions provider built upon a 70-year legacy of success. Backed by our parent company’s deep financial stability and soundboard governance, GigTel focuses on continuous footprint growth—both geographically and in terms of product—to bring the demands of our partners to the forefront.

Durable success is increasingly uncommon these days. Many brands fail to adapt to disruptive changes that arise from within the industry or due to unanticipated global crises. In contrast, GigTel defines relevance while maintaining the solid business fundamentals required to support long term, valued relationships.
Our Core Values
Technology is just a tool. The people we work with & serve are everything.
Improve the business value of all our clients, every step of the way.
Go the extra mile to satisfy and exceed client needs and expectations.
Remain loyal and transparent at all times, keeping client interests as our priority.
Generate great ideas and materialize them into durable results.
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24/7 Support
Our highly trained product experts can help you and your team to solve any problem atany time.
From initial contact to product training to onboarding we guide you every step of the way to get the highest performance possible.
You don’t need headaches. We provide superior execution and an end-to-end, seamless customer experience.
our leadership team

Visionaries of Gigtel

Leaders that help drive your growth forward.

Darin T. LaCoursiere

Chief Executive Officer

Darin has the unique ability to push forward at full speed while maintaining the patience to wait for optimal results—all in the context of teamwork, individual accountability, and client success. Darin’s 30 years of experience runs the full gamut of telecom companies from rural telcos to multinational brands, like Valley Telecommunications, NorthStar Access, and The LDL Group. A dedicated family man, Darin comes from a hockey and outdoorsman background. He’s brewed beer, made wine, and fueled his truck on homemade biodiesel.

Justin Clark

Executive Vice President | Chief Operating Officer

Justin’s ability to cut through complexity and set a clear path towards success has proven time and again to benefit telecommunications capabilities for superior business performance. Justin has dedicated the last two decades successfully driving forward large technician teams in the telecom industry, with a passion for providing outstanding service. As a former Army Man, Justin honed his dedication, leadership, and objective completion skills. On a personal level, he is a down-to-earth family man that enjoys activities such as hunting, golf, and bowling.

Tony Lambert

Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Tony has been thriving in helping companies like HelloSpoke and CenturyLink, to improve business outcomes, by moving communication technology forward for more than 30 years. As a dedicated team leader, he works closely with his team at every level to constantly evaluate, understand, and satisfy customer needs. Tony graduated from Cochise College with an AGS in Business & Psychology. He cherishes his role as a family man, and he’s also a musician and songwriter.

Joy Gray

Product and Business Development Director | Integrated Marketing Director

Joy’s passion and tenacity are not just inspiring, they are her way of living and doing business. Strategic, ethical and marketing-driven, she has the ability to completely influence multiple teams and strategies while positively impacting business outcomes. With many years of experience raising businesses from scratch to multi-million dollar success stories, Joy’s unique profile combines Marketing and Business Development knowledge to create successful strategies for companies to achieve their R.O.I. Also, Sandler trained, Joy is an avid learner, always seeking new knowledge and creative solutions for companies. She is a big animal lover and an avid (want to be) musician, always singing or playing her guitar.

24/7 Support
Our highly trained US team of product experts can help you and your team to solve any problem at any time.
From initial contact to product training to onboarding, we guide you every step of the way to get the highest performance possible.
You don’t need headaches. We provide superior execution and end-to-end, seamless customer experience.
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