We provide the highest quality solutions and a tenacious commitment to our customers.
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Simplify, streamline, and unify business communications.
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Resell, channel or white label for margins up to 70%
A rich heritage continues into the digital age.
From a group of small exchanges founded in the late 1800’s to an industry leader in advanced telecommunications solutions, the roots of GigTel’s parent company (Endeavor Communications) reach back over a century in delivering high quality communications and superior customer service. Having invested over $110 million in infrastructure upgrades and fiber optic technology for highly innovative solutions, this commitment continues into the future.

Now, GigTel fully leverages this deep experience base to bring the world’s most advanced communications platform to the market while maintaining the same relentless desire to serve our customers well.
What we mean for your business
Our continued success is increasingly uncommon these days. Many brands have failed to adapt to disruptive changes that came with the digital revolution. In contrast, GigTel does not strive for relevance. We define it.

We fully understand the challenges facing resellers, interconnects, ISPs, MSPs, agents, and traditional telecom providers who value the benefits of the white label business model; quick time-to-market, no capital outlay, and efficiencies supported by an experienced team behind you.

This means the most advanced communications technology available at the most favorable business terms. It’s all backed up by a faithful commitment to our customers based on traditional values that might not be in fashion today. Technology doesn’t make for successful partnerships; it’s the relationships that count.
Our core values.
People First
Technology is just a tool. The people we work with & serve are everything.
Value Creation
Improve the business value of all our clients, every step of the way.
Customer Relationship Excellence
Go the extra mile to satisfy and exceed client needs and expectations.
Integrity & Trust
Remain loyal and transparent at all times, keeping client interests as our priority.
Innovation + Longevity
Generate great ideas and materialize them into durable results.
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Our highly trained product experts can help you and your team to solve any problem at any time.
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